A Relaxing Weekend

This weekend we took the opportunity to go home and relax for a weekend. We left Friday night hitting the back roads because the interstates were too congested and there were plenty of construction. Unfortunately we got on Nolensville Pike heading toward Lewisburg and Levi decided he was hungry with an hour left of travel. He pretty much screamed the entire hour. We finally arrived at Carrie’s parents house and they took Levi and we crashed. It had been a long day.

Saturday was loaded with fun. We went over Aunt Ann’s house and visited with her and Uncle Mike and my mom . Aunt Ann is a phenomenal photographer but she was hanging up her camera so Carrie bought a lot of her stuff. When I say a Lot, I meant she paid for it. But hopefully it will pay itself off. So we need some of you folk to get on the horn and set up some appointments so we can pay this bill off.

We left there and went and saw my horse Peterbilt. I sure do miss riding him and loving on him. He came right up to me like old friends saying it’s been a while. I rubbed his nose for a moment then we left to get some Mexican food on Nashville Highway.

After lunch we went to a field filled with buttercups and Carrie took some pictures of Levi, Joe, our nephew and Bonnie our niece. That was a lot of fun because Levi didn’t want to cooperate.  So when we finished there we went back to the house to refreshed.

We left for the evening to Jonathan and Jodi’s where we headed up to Franklin to McCreary’s Irish Pub. I’m gonna tell you it’s been so long since we’ve been there it was soooooooooo good. I got the Shepard’s Pie and Carrie got the Fish and Chips. You just can’t go wrong with their food. We left there and went to Sweet Ce Ce’s and picked up some yogurt. Let me tell you something, if you ain’t had yogurt with fruity pebbles, something wrong is with you. You need to get you some fruity pebbles on your yogurt Lieutenant Dan!

We left Franklin and went back to the Flippens where we met up with Greg Lancaster and sat on the back deck, warmed by the fire pit, entertained by the Super Moon, and loving good friends with a New Castle and a cigar. I don’t think life has ever been so good.

Sunday morning I got the opportunity to go to Lifesong Family Church and help lead worship with Jake Isham. I stood on that stage as Jake introduced me by saying, “Ya’ll remember this guy?” and I about fainted as both services (about 300 folks per service) brought the house down with cheers and clapping and hollering. I was so blessed to be back and feel the love. I can’t express how they made me feel being back on that stage and being honored to lead them in worship again. It was too good.

We had an amazing weekend. Thank you if you were part of it.


About Kevin Riner

child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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