Valentines and a Monkey

This Valentines weekend Carrie and I had the flu. Not  good thing to have over a lovers weekend. We did however get to spend some quality time Monday on the couch… sleeping. We both took off from work to stay home. We were doped up on meds and passed out on the couch.

Fortunately Levi escaped the worse of it and didn’t get it. He does have the drainage and the cough like all of us so were all trying to get that under wraps. Tuesday we returned to work. When I got home there was a package from Granny Neil in the mail for Levi, his first piece of mail. I asked him if I could open it since he’s not strong enough yet and he said sure. Well, sorta. So when I opened it, it was a Valentines monkey.

So here’s a couple of videos. Sorry they’re sideways. Not sure how that happened. But you at least get to see him with his Valentines monkey. Thanks Granny!


About Kevin Riner

child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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One Response to Valentines and a Monkey

  1. aunt ann says:

    I had a good laugh early this morning. The expression on his face when the eyebrows went up. Sounded like I could hear him doing a little talking, hee hee. He will be jabbering up a storm before long. He is so precious. I do hope he stays that way.Give him lots of hugs and sugars Kevin, because in a few yrs. he won’t let you give him a big hug, much less sugar.Hug and kiss him from Aunt Ann. Love ya’ll.

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