My first weekend away from my boys.

Since Kevin posted about his Father-Son Weekend, I thought I would post about being gone.

It was nice to get away but man I missed my guys a lot more than I thought I would. I went to Atlanta-well, Canton, GA-for a workshop for work. We were going to stay till Sunday but I felt like I was being a bad mother and wife being gone an extra day just for myself. So I decided to come home Saturday night and knowing it would be so late getting back I had to. I did learn a lot and am very excited about new things that are happening at our office. Being gone was the hardest thing though. I tried not to text or call a lot because I new it would be bothersome so I refrained to only calling before bedtime. Kevin was nice to text me pictures a few times during the day which just made me want to cry cause I missed my little Levi so much. I knew he would have a hard time with somethings cause no one does certain things like Momma does but by the way Kevin talked he did a lot better than I expected. He is just a Momma’s boy.

I was so ready to get home last night that we drove a straight 4 hours without stopping to even eat supper. Kevin was thoughtful enough to stay up long enough to let me put Levi to bed, so that made my night really.

I’m glad Kevin was brave enough to attempt this weekend by himself.  I hated to do it to him but I’m thankful I did even between the thoughts of worrying about when he is eating, if he is staying on his schedule, if he pooped or not, if he went to bed on time and if he was comforted when he cried or if he even missed me and knew I was gone. He did get so excited when he raised his little head this morning when I went in there to pick him up. He wiggled around and just grinned, almost laughed I think when he saw me. So that just melted my heart of course. Then today he was such a cuddler and Momma’s boy. I’m so glad to be home and I think it’ll be awhile before I leave again. Ha!

As Levi gets older though I do look forward to more weekends I can leave and they can have Father-Son time and it be more memorable for Levi as well as for Kevin.

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