Father – Son Weekend

This weekend (rather Friday night and Saturday) Levi and I spent some time together since Carrie went to Atlanta for a Chiropractor’s conference or whatever they call them things lol. I was a little scared since most of the time I have to spend with him he cries a lot or is real fussy. Changing stinky diapers really churns my stomach and keeping him on the schedule Carrie has for him was a rather daunting task as well.

Friday night I picked him up at daycare and we went home to eat. We left home and went to church for prayer and worship night. We’ve been doing those every Friday night in January to go along with our 21 day fast the church has been on. We had a young lady watch him while I was on stage leading worship.

Somehow he talked her into feeding him two hours earlier than he was supposed to eat. So when we got home he wasn’t hungry till late. So he  got fed about 9:00 and I put him to bed. I was really shocked how fast he passed out in my arms. Usually it’s a fight but he was tired. I got up at 1:00 to put his passy back in and then he woke at 5:00 and Carrie usually feeds him then but I waited till 6:00, when he let me know in his oh so gentle way that he was tired of laying there.

Saturday seemed nothing but eat and sleep day. I was going to take him walking on the Greenway after lunch so we took a shower and got ready to leave. I somehow forgot that he gets sleepy after showers and so he went for a two-hour nap instead. That gave me time to smoke a bowl in this new pipe I was just given the other day. It smoked really good. So I had a smoke and read a book.

He got up at 1:45 and we went to the Greenway to walk then and he did good until about a quarter-mile back to the truck. He was tired of being in the stroller. So I got him in the truck and he decided another nap was needed so while he napped I made friends with Baskins and Robbins for a cup of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. Don’t tell Levi I ate ice cream while he napped.

We got back home and from that point it was nothing but fussing the whole time till bed time. I got him to sleep on my chest when Carrie finally got home about 9:30 and she put him to bed. I quickly followed because I was tuckered out.

I gotta say, that Carrie is an awesome mother because she does way more than I ever think I could. I also wanna say that for those young mothers who have a baby while the husband is deployed (in which I know a few) My hat off to ya and I hope I can help. You NEED it.

It was a learning but blessed experience. Just call Carrie SUPER-MOM!!!! I know I do now.

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About Kevin Riner

child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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One Response to Father – Son Weekend

  1. mama says:

    that will be a bonding time u will remember forever.keep that precious memory.i have alot of them of u and the other boys.love u baby.and i think u r an awrsome daddy also.

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