Half year old already!

Hello. Yes today I am a half of a year old! Yes that’s 6 months. I can’t believe how time has flown by so fast. This week I have learned “w” and “m” sounds. Sometimes Momma and Daddy think I’m saying their names and just the other day they thought I said “Daddy I love you.” But I’m just making them feel really good. I really didn’t say that. ha! But I’ll let them continue to think it cause I like to see them smile at me.

I’m beginning to learn to reach out for things. I see Momma’s pretty necklace, you know the pretty one with my birthstone that Daddy got for her for Christmas from us. I like to grab it and hold on to it. It’s so pretty. I’m also beginning to sit up straighter by myself and sit up for longer periods of time without falling over. Since momma works with a chiropractor and loves me being adjusted I know she likes me sitting up straighter.

I’m also eating 8 ounces now with different fruits and vegetables. I really like squash, prunes, apples with oatmeal, and sweet potatoes are my favorite. I don’t like carrots that much.  I’m going longer between meals, staying up later and sleeping most of the night. I’m an earlier riser and Momma hates that. I love getting up at 5 or 5:30 in the morning to eat and then I am usually ready for a cat nap by 8.

I’m also beginning to like this bath time that Momma makes me have sometime. She says we are going to have to start doing more of the bath time because I’m getting too big to shower with Momma or Daddy. They have trouble holding me and bathing me at the same time now because I’m getting so big.

I had my first cold this past week but Momma stayed home from work two days to take good care of me and I’m much better. Now Momma has been sick and I feel really bad that I gave her my cold. But she is such a super-mom, continuing to work every day and come home and take care of me and Daddy even when she doesn’t feel good.

I go see Dr. Casey on Friday for my 6 month check up. This should be fun. I’m so excited to see how much I’ve grown. All my friends at church are getting so big and it just makes me wonder how big I’ve gotten the last two months. I know Momma has been giving a lot of my clothes to lots of friends who are having babies so I know I’m growing fast. Plus she has this really large plastic bag in my closet that she throws my favorite outfits into sometimes. Not really sure what she is going to do with them but I hope she saves them so I can let my kids where them.

Momma says she is going to miss me this weekend. She tells me she is going to Atlanta over night and I have to be extra good for Daddy. Daddy keeps asking me what we are going to do Saturday. I can’t wait to have Daddy all to myself without Momma around. We are going to have so much fun, but I will miss Momma so much while she is gone to play with her friends from work for a day or so.

Also, I’m so excited. Daddy keeps telling me all about baseball season. This sounds exciting especially when he talks about going to St. Louis in July for my first birthday to see the Cardinals play the Cubs. And we get to go to the zoo to see all the animals. Just 6 more months! I can’t wait. Well, that’s my 6 month update. I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months are going to bring!

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