Merry White Christmas!!!

Just wanted to say that we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Blessed New Year!

We didn’t send out Christmas cards this year because the time slipped by me to get them done way to fast and plus lack of extra cash was hard to come by this year. So we did all our Christmas cards via email, facebook and now our blog.

We had a wonderful first Christmas in our new home with our wonderful son. We woke up with about an inch of snow on the ground with it continuing to fall all day. We began what I’d like to think our first Christmas morning family tradition by cooking breakfast together. Levi enjoyed sitting in his high chair watching us. After breakfast we opened presents with the rest of the day doing odd and end things around the house, enjoying each other’s company and watching movies. Below are our 2 favorite gifts from each other. We know each other well and neither of us really asked for anything.

A necklace with Levi's birthstone. I love it!

Kevin's flag...he really enjoyed putting the flag out when we first moved into the house. The previous owner took it with her when she moved. So now he can enjoy it again.










Tonight we went down to the River Walk in hopes to see as much snow as we had in our yard with the lights reflecting back. But to our disappointment most of it had melted through the day, yet it was still pretty and of course COLD.




So now as the day comes to a close and Christmas to an end I’m looking forward to what 2011 may bring us. Hope everyone had a blessed Merry Christmas and we pray blessings over you for 2011.

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