4 months and look what I can do!

I can’t believe 4 months have already past. Levi is getting so big so fast. He weighs about 15 pounds and is 24 inches long. He has begun rolling over though he only does it when he wants to. He hates being on his tummy but I think it’s because of his exzema. He loves to coo and “talk” and he has begun grasping and holding objects. Just last weekend he began playing with his toys on his car seat and today he figured out how to push the frogs eyes to make it sing. He is learning how to bounce in his swing and johnny jump up though he doesn’t really like it much plus his feet still don’t touch the floor. He has learned to rub his bottle on his gums to make it squeak and I’m sure it feels good on those hard gums that are preparing for new little teeth. He has been sleeping through the night about 3 nights a week.Which is nice but I wish it would be every night. ha! I look forward to every morning seeing what the next new thing he learns is gonna be.

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