Foot Washer?

I’m sure you know the passage in the Bible where Jesus washed the disciples feet? Foot washing

While doing a bible study on James I was thinking about how Kevin and I use to participate in the foot washing at our church back home on Maundy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter. This was always a time to think about how Jesus was a servant and how we can be servants. When Jesus washed the disciples feet He was meeting a need that they needed to be met. Wearing sandals all day traveling on the dusty roads, your feet are certain to be dirty. So Jesus was meeting that need to wash their dirty feet. Humbling himself on his knees to meet that need of his brothers. I’ve never really thought about putting this perspective of servanthood in perspective of today. If this was Jesus’ way of showing us how to be a servant in meeting a need then what does this look like today. I’m sure you are like me, not walking around barefooted all day and I know you don’t walk to work barefooted on a dusty road.  So meeting the need of dirty feet does not really apply to us now days. But there are other needs that can be meet and we can be foot washers every day. In the bible study we were challenged to be a foot washer to someone this week. Well, I’m keeping my eyes open for that chance, but God blessed me first in having my feet washed before I was able to wash someones feet. This person knows who they are and all the glory goes to the good Lord, but we had groceries on our door step yesterday because they knew we were short on cash this week, the cupboards were low on food and it was going to be next week before I could get groceries. It’s harder to receive than to give.

As I was thinking more about this and how we use to participate in the foot washing at our home church, I asked myself, instead of having a foot washing why can’t we do something else? If Jesus was setting the example of being a servant during passover what can we do in now days time that would be meeting a need and changing a life. So, I’m wondering, as a member of Xtreme and our mission is to bring grace to a lost world, what can we do to meet a need, change a life and be a foot washer to a family or families in this community during Passover next year. I know it’s sometime away, but I’m thinking of something big like putting a roof on someone’s house, maybe even building a house for someone and maybe you think that is a little “xtreme” but we can do it. How else can we be a foot washer this Passover? I don’t want to just participate in a ceremony of foot washing this time, I want to actually be a servant in now days time and change a life, exemplifying what Christ did in remembrance of Him. And not only do I want to do it just on Passover but I want to be a foot washer all the time.

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