This road traveled

Two years ago October 6, Kevin and I sold our house. It was on the market 2 weeks when we received an offer getting the asking price. Little did we know that a month later God would be moving us here to Clarksville.  If you haven’t followed our journey from the start, I encourage you to look back through our family’s blog here and catch up. However, I’m going to run through it really fast just to meditate on how good our God is.

The last 2 years have been trying, memorable, exciting, frustrating, nerve wrenching, merciful, and tiring. But through it all our God was there side by side, front and back of us.  Three years this coming April we began trying to have a baby. This July 26 our baby boy finally arrived. Between those years we moved to Clarksville to minister at Xtreme Ministries .  While here, our founding pastor stepped down, leaving our church somewhat wounded and broken. God brought us through the past year through the waters, through the fires and flames-Isaiah 43:2 only to bring us now to what we expect to be a next year of growth spiritually and numerically with a new pastor and soon to be new building in a few weeks. As leaders in the church, the past year has been the hardest Kevin and I have ever endured, sometimes leaving us questioning why God had us here and being blinded to any light down this path. But God sustained us in it all. Kevin has grown more than I ever imagined. I, more than anyone, am so proud of him and so thankful I married such a man of God whom to raise my son and lead our family. I have seen God answer his prayers with the worship band. I personally know he has prayed endless hours to have a base player, keys, drums,  a band that sticks together, worships together, has each others backs, edifies each other, grows together and feels like family. I can tell you I have seen God answer that prayer of Kevin’s. The  band now consists of drums, 2 base players (one is in Iraq-we miss you Jake!), and now 2 keys. They feel like part of our family. They rock the house every Sunday and when I see them all worshiping together it brings tears of joy to my eyes because I see God amongst them and see His answered prayers.

So with just this short bit said, I was looking through my journal the other day looking for a specific entry where I had claimed what that following year was going to be. In 2008 I started claiming the following year what I felt in my heart God was leading us into. In 2008 I claimed 2009 as a year of financial blessings. After careful thought and discussion Kevin reminded me how God answered that prayer. God answered by first a trial. I lost my job in January 2008 only to have him bless me with the job I have now where I have a boss who sees the best in who I can be. I have been able to get my x-ray certification and my chiropractic assistant certification. Kevin has been blessed with the abilities to get 2 licenses with exterminating also.  At the end of 2009, I claimed 2010 as the year of new life. In December of 2009 we found out we were pregnant with Levi which brought us new life to our family July 26, 2010.  He is more than precious, more than wonderful. A sure blessing we never would have expected. He does something amazingly different every day and I savor every moment with him. He is definitely his daddy’s son and even has a little bit of myself in him. We also were blessed with a wonderful house that same week. As 2010 comes to an end, I’ve been praying about what 2011 will be. After some prophecies over our family and careful prayer and discussion I’m claiming 2010 as a year of “increase in land.” Only God knows what this means and only God can provide. I’m standing firm on it though because how could I not since the last 2 years He has answered and blessed more than I could have ever imagined.  May God bless you as He has us.

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