2 months

The last two months have gone by so fast. I have one more week and I go back to work. I think I’m ready…thinking maybe going back will be my break and I can actually get some things done. We will see.

Levi is doing so good. He is holding his head up now pretty much on his own. We started sitting in the Bumbo today and as you can see he is doing very well.

He is also beginning to baby talk. I’m amazed at how responsive he is. I can tell he is going to be a listener because he will only “talk” when you are not and will look at you and wait till you stop talking to him.  Here is two short videos of some of his talking.

Levi talking

Levi still talking

We still aren’t sleeping like I would like at night. We have a good schedule going throughout the day and some nights he’ll sleep a little longer before waking up to eat some nights he won’t. Other times he’ll sleep and then wake up and then be up several times after that instead of sleeping more. I was hoping we would get it down before I go back to work and I’m still hoping. We still have time.

We had Levi’s baby dedication a few weeks ago. Click the following link to see pictures if you haven’t already been on facebook to see them.

Levi\’s baby dedication

It was so wonderful having Philip and Rhonda come down to perform our dedication. Philip and Rhonda have played such a big part in Kevin’s life and now mine that it was such a blessing to have them do this for us. Philip has led Kevin to the Lord, housed him when he had no place to live, encourage Kevin in singing which lead to us meeting, he married us and now was a part of dedicating our son to the Lord. So this was a very special, not to mention emotional day for all of us. We were so blessed to see everyone who came out to support us. Carla and Robert, Chris and Tiffany, Jonathan and Jodi, Linda and Earl, my mom. It was such a blessing to have everyone there for this occasion and I hope when Levi gets older he will look back on the pictures and realize just how special and loved he is and even was as a baby to have support before he even needed it in life.

Also, if you aren’t on facebook here are some new pictures I’ve done of Levi. This album is actually from beginning to now so it’s like you are walking the journey with us as you go.  Of course being the photographer that I am, pictures are taken a lot and Levi is the ginny pig when it comes to new photo ideas.

Pictures of Levi

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