Our new house!

After over 60 days of many trials and errors, faxes and signatures we finally closed on our house Wednesday. It’s been a long process and a long time coming really. We’ve learned our lesson that when we move we will get some sort of credit so it will continue while we move and look for another house.

We feel more at home in this house than we have in any house we have lived in. The neighborhood is quiet, the house is quiet, and the yard is relaxing in the early mornings and evenings. We still have boxes to unpack and pictures to hang but little by little it’s getting there. With a baby, you can only do so much in one day along with all the other daily house duties that call. And with Kevin working Monday through Friday and then preparing for worship in his free time it’s hard for him to find extra free time to organize too.  But we are getting there. It’s not going any where and neither are we.  Plus there is a lot I want to do as far as projects to the house but it will have to wait till next year. I want to repaint the living room, hallway, foyer and bath room. The deck needs to be refinished and we want to put a gate on the steps so the cat can go outside and not worry about the dog as well as when Levi starts walking we won’t have to worry about him falling down them. The flower beds need pea gravel,  there are 4 flower beds, and Kevin wants to have a small garden next year. Levi’s room is finally finished! I’m so proud of that room though I’ll never do strips again!

So here is our new home as well as Levi’s room completely finished (except the rocking chair isn’t in this picture). Hope you can come visit us sometime and enjoy it with us.

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