New house and a baby….WOW!

Monday morning July 26 started off like I never expected it to start. The alarm clock sounded off it’s usually ring at 7am. I rolled myself out of bed about 15 minutes later dreading hitting the floor to prepare myself for work. As I stepped into the shower, I went to sneeze and what do ya know, there goes a gush of water. Yelp, my water broke. With two weeks and one day to go before Levi’s actual due date, the journey that morning that Kevin and I so long awaited for began. The entire 9 months one of my prayers was that my water would break and break while in the shower. Well, break did it! I went ahead and showered,  feeling the anxiety and anxiousness boiling inside of me. As I tore myself from the nice warm water of the shower I realized I could not step out of the shower without the water continuing to gush. So I stood there and then sat on the edge of the tub for 45 minutes. Trying to stay calm and “in charge” I realized Kevin was preparing to go to work. Are you kidding me!? Really? No seriously! He was getting his shoes on to leave.  Giving him a good reason to miss work he texted our birthing partner, Heather, to see what he needed to do next. As I slowly got dressed, with contractions not to bad and not to close together he began to time them. As they began to get about 3 minutes apart and was determined to leave for the hospital while I was almost refusing because the pain was still tolerable. Throwing everything into the car we began our 5 minute journey to the hospital. Upon arriving they carried us up pretty fast and into a room. At 8:30 am I was laying in bed waiting.  Waiting is what we did until the excitement really began about 9:30 pm. During the waiting period, I wanted to wait as long as I could for the epidural. But the nurse came in about 11:30 am and said that they were up on our floor and were fixing to leave to go back downstairs to do a c-section and wasn’t sure how long it was going to take so it was my choice whether or not to go ahead and get it. I was dilated to a 3 and who knew how long I would be there or how fast I would progress so I decided to go ahead and get it done. So at noon here they came and here come the feeling good. For the next few hours I didn’t feel a thing! About 8 pm I started feeling lots of pressure and I could tell something was different. At 9 pm we were dilated to 9.5. Not too much longer. Nurse came back about 20 minutes later and was so excited cause in her words, “lets have a baby!” So, we began the pushing process about 9:45 pm with the nurse. Levi’s arrival was at 10:16 pm, 20 inches long 7 lbs. He was absolutely perfect. Not much of a cone head, his skin was so beautiful and he looked just like Kevin. Honestly, we could have not asked for a more perfect delivery or baby boy. Being 2 weeks early the doctor said that if it was any longer or he was any bigger it might not have been this easy. All I got to say, is go bowling if you want to have a baby. We went bowling on Sunday where I bowled 2 of the best games I’ve ever had. Friday and Saturday we went home for a baby shower. Active weekend equals having a baby early I guess.

So, now you ask where does the new house come in. Well, we were suppose to close on the house on Thursday. With no such luck, we were suppose to be out of our rental house on Saturday. So, Kevin took it upon himself to begin the moving process on Tuesday.  My parents were here so  they were a lot of help, probably not expecting to work as hard as they did on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Wednesday Kevin rented a u-haul and several people from the church came to help him. Everything was moved by Wednesday evening. Levi and I came home Wednesday afternoon to a mass mess of boxes in the new house. But Kevin and I truly believe God could not have timed it more perfectly because if Levi had been born any other time we would have never gotten moved in time. Kevin got the entire week off which was very nice and a lot of help. Any other time he would have just had 3 days. So, though we were praying Levi would hold off until we got moved, God’s timing was perfect in every way.

People think we are crazy moving into a new home and bringing a new baby home all in one week, but you know what, we might be. But it’s all by God’s grace and strength that we made it and are making it work and are blessed to have His hand in our life the way He does. We wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t know how someone could be in control of either of these events anyway.

If you want to see more pics of the delivery and aren’t on facebook click this following link.      album.php?aid=143384&id=522591936&l=b699faa413

So, here is our beautiful baby boy, Levi Graham.

Levi Graham, 10:16 pm, 7 lbs 20 inches

One week old

The backside of our new house. My favorite part.

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2 Responses to New house and a baby….WOW!

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow! Great Story… write a book! ; ) Congratulations!!

  2. aunt ann says:

    Ain’t he precious. I know now not to write all in caps hee hee I learned that from Kevin at the shower, I had no idea that meant hollering at a person if in caps.He does look like Kevin, but the other one I saw I saw some of Carrie in him. He will change and you will see each of you in him.

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