Top 10 things that suck about pregnancy

Since I posted about the things I have missed during pregnancy and the things I’ve loved most about pregnancy I figured I had to throw in the things that have sucked personally for me during pregnancy. All in all this pregnancy has been a breeze. I could not have been more blessed or asked it to go any smoother. So smooth I tell my doctor I shouldn’t be paying her due to the fact she hasn’t done anything and I’m making her job way too easy. I guess it excites her though cause she agrees and laughs every time. Sure I’ve had the morning sickness most of the time but I’ve made it through every morning.  Though I really can’t complain there still have been somethings that have just really sucked the last 8 months but you learn to deal with it and press on toward the goal in the end-meeting my baby boy face to face for the first time finally.  Which was what I focused on every time my head was hanging in the toilet or I tried to push myself off the couch to make myself get up to get somethings done though my body was screaming no at me. My prayer is that labor and delivery will be just as smooth, easy, and fast as the last 8 months have been.  All the negatives others have tried to scare me with (and probably not their motive but just because you experienced something bad in your pregnancy or labor and delivery does not mean I will or that I have to) we have rebuked and given to God to be in charge of it not happening.

10)Peeing every hour

9) achy and sore joints

8)  swollen ankles, toes and hands

7) no matter how you sit or where, you will be uncomfortable

6) nausea & vomiting

5) fatigue

4) forgettfulness

3) not being able to eat the food I really love or have a few casual drinks like a strawberry margarita

2) being able to smell somone’s stinky feet or armpits from miles away. In my job this is most of the time. YUCK!

1) crying at a drop of a hat or laughing hysterically at really nothing at all

This makes it all worth it in the end and will probably be forgotten when I lay my eyes on Levi.

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One Response to Top 10 things that suck about pregnancy

  1. Sarah says:

    I feel you, Carrie! It hasn’t been long enough for me to forget 🙂
    I understand about feeling discouraged by everyone’s talk about labor. The general consensus was not my experience at all. All three of my births were very hard work, and exhausting for sure, but wonderful experiences. I absolutely love birthing babies. There is nothing more empowering than a natural labor, which is what I’m praying for you guys – God made your body for this, with absolutely everything you need to labor well and birth this baby in health and peace.
    And remember – when you get to the point where you feel like “I can’t do this anymore!”, that’s a sign you’re in transition and it means you’re almost done!
    The finish line is in sight 🙂

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