Top 10 wonderful things about pregnancy

10) Feeling all the kicks and movements

9) Feeling hiccups

8)  The attention

7) Buying cute baby stuff

6) Getting to decorate the nursery

5) Watching Kevin light up when he talks about Levi or feels him kick

4) The sound of his heartbeat, knowing that I am taking care of him and God is using me to form His child to fullfill His glory on this earth

3) Not having to carry heavy stuff. 🙂

2) Being me without any excuse. It’s been fun to speak my mind and blame it all on hormones. 🙂

1) The joy and expectation of seeing who Levi is going to look like, act like, and who he will grow up to be, knowing that he is being created in God’s image as well as with the characteristics of both Kevin and I.

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