A few things I’ve missed

Now that we are closing in on “The Day”, I’ve really been pondering about blogging on the “best things  about pregnancy” and the “worst things about pregnancy.” Even went as far as to survey a few moms-to-be that I know.  So, I want to start with “The things that I have personally missed the most” while being pregnant.

1) Caffeine in large proportions throughout the day.

2) A bottle of Woodchuck or a glass of sweet Strawberry wine

3) An uninterrupted nights sleep

4) Cute shoes

5) A rockin’, yet comfortable sex life

6) Seeing my cute toe nail polish while standing

7) My good memory

8)  Energy that would last all day

9) Independence when it comes to picking up, reaching or carrying things. (I’m not talking about bringing the groceries in either. Not missing that at all.)

10) Moving without something hurting

11) Walking normally

12) Singing an entire song at the top of my lungs in the car without taking a breath and actually hitting the high notes, which is my own personal opinion so shut up Kevin! Levi will tell you one day how good Momma can sing. 🙂

13) Making it to my parents’ house in record time without having to take a pit stop in Franklin.

I’m sure there’s a lot more, but that’s all I can think of on the top of my head at the moment. These are mostly my favorites anyway.  You can’t beat starting a day with a large mug of white chocolate mocha while singing in the rain, ending the day with a large glass of Woodchuck and a night of ***. Oh, wait…that’s what got me where I’m at now. 😉

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One Response to A few things I’ve missed

  1. Adrienne Seal says:

    Levi is laughing knowing how many tricks he will pull to interrupt the sex life

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