Baseball belly

I wanted to do something fun and exciting with this wonderful, sexy pregnant belly that I have growing. So I decided to ask a friend if they would paint it like a baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals symbol on it. Took her about 2 hours and took me sitting still about that long. She did a wonderful job and we were very impressed. I didn’t want to wash it off but considering it was beginning to flake and itch not to mention we had our own belly pictures to do the next day I had to. The Cardinal was perfect and I’m sure as you can see it looks like a real baseball.


Finished product

Kevin was thrilled

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2 Responses to Baseball belly

  1. Ray Hartman says:

    What a true baseball fan you are. You need to submit the pic to the Cardinals, they will love it. She did do a good job, it looked good.

    Moving day for me is Monday at 7am (next time I move I’m hiring a professional packer), going to Clarkrange. Not really a town, just a crossroad. That where the Lord has sent me so He must have something special for me to do there

  2. aunt ann says:

    you NUT what will you two come up with next!!!!!

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