Becareful what you wish for…

I posted this comment on Facebook this morning as I sat on the couch before leaving for work to realize just how dirty and crazy my house had gotten. Not just while we were gone but for weeks because I haven’t felt like doing anything.

“I wish the house fairy would come to clean and pack my house, finish the laundry, wash my dishes and cook me supper while I’m at work today.”

When I got home I found this note taped to the t.v.

As I walked through the house I realized my bathroom was clean, dishes were washed and put away, laundry was folded and hung, even my underwear and that’s just one thing no one touches! The bed was even made! With a delicious tator tot casserole in the fridge.  So as I sat here with tears in my eyes I tried to figure out who it was. I thought I had but Kevin told me no. He knows who it was, cause someone had to unlock the door. But he refuses to tell me who and it’s probably a good thing cause I would be so embarrassed that they saw my house like that as well as folded my underwear! It’s very humbling, so much so that you wonder why you deserve such a blessing. What have I done for anyone to deserve such a thing? What have I done that someone would want to bless so much? And even now as I try to answer those questions myself I can’t because even Jesus did that for us. Came and died on a cross, gave His life and redeemed us from our sins when we don’t deserve it,  He came as a servant.  As we should live. Removing ourselves to serve others as Jesus did. I posted that comment not to get anyone to do anything for me, that was the last thing on my mind, but to just release some emotions because I knew there were others out there that were in the same position, which makes me feel even worse cause I got a blessing regarding that comment that they didn’t and they probably deserve why more than I. Now I ask myself, how have I shown the love of Christ lately? Who have I shown the love of Christ to lately? Can I show the love of Christ to non believers or even believers for that matter? Forget preaching on a street corner, lets go clean someone’s house!

So be careful what you wish for as well as post on facebook. Thank you so much, “Cleaning Fairies” whoever you are, I hope I can return the love sooner or later.

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One Response to Becareful what you wish for…

  1. Carla says:

    OMG Carrie! That is awesome! You DO deserve it; you are so loved. Maybe if I post that I need help moving the “Moving Fairies” will come visit me! LOL!

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