31 week checkup

Yesterday marked 31 weeks. 9 more to go. That’s 2 months and one week. Wow! Time has flown. I can’t believe it! Saw the doctor today and she is so impressed with this pregnancy. She agreed that her job has been so easy because I have no issues going on to worry about. My blood sugar is great, urine is great, weight is great, everything is great and on track for August 10th still. I’ve only gained 18 lbs so far. That is great. Maybe I can loose all that by just breastfeeding and walking. I asked her for her estimate of his birth weight and she is guessing a little over 6 lbs. Babies usually take after the mother and I was a little over 5 lbs, Kevin was like 8 or 9 lbs so she is leaning closer to mine with my weight and measurements right now. I have been praying for 6 lbs 5 oz.  And I’m really feeling a due date of August 11 – 14th. She also gave the ok for me to take a weekend trip to St. Louis next weekend stopping every 2 – 3 hours to walk and drink lots of water. More water! Man I’m already tired of having to go pee and you tell me more water! 🙂  She gave the ok to paint our new house as long as we have the windows open and good ventilation with vans. Can’t wait to get those chocolate strips painted!

Levi is so active. He sits here and pushes on me and sometimes it’s like he kicks from one side to another. I can’t get over the amazing feeling that it is. As I type right now he is kicking away. I’ve noticed when Kevin is playing the guitar he likes to kick (maybe he will be our little drummer boy) and when there are people talking in the room he seems to stop like he is listening especially when it is men. My hips and si joints have been killing me this week and I’ve also notice a heaviness to the front. I can tell he is growing cause this watermelon I’m carrying is getting heavier. I think it’s time for a belly support band. Thankfully I’m blessed to work in an office with chiropractors because if it wasn’t for them I think my legs would fall off.

I’m leaving Saturday morning, unfortunately by myself, to go home for my first baby shower, I have 4 on the calendar.  I can’t wait to see my Lifesong girlfriends as well as the rest of the Lifesong family at church on Sunday. I’m going to try to make it to services at both churches but  think I’m going to just play it by ear. I want to see everyone but with all of you being at two different churches now it’s hard. But I’m going to try. Guess it depends on who shows up to the baby shower, but I hope to see most of you one way or the other.  I miss you all so much!

I hope everyone is getting as excited as me and Kevin are! He gets to spend his first father’s day in St. Louis!  If only we can get into our new house soon!

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