26 weeks and a flood of a weekend

The weekend started out great. Went Friday for my 26th week checkup.  When I first got there my blood pressure was really high. Not sure why. It’s never high, but it was so high it scared me and I could see the concern on the nurse’s face. So I laid on my left side and relaxed best I could for about 10 minutes. After checking it again it was down to where it usually is. It really had me concerned because my feet and ankles began swelling this week. I almost cried when I noticed. Was not expecting that this early but I am on my feet a lot 5 days a week. So after getting my blood pressure down it was time for another ultrasound to check his size. Levi now weighs 1lb 14oz and is perfect in size. Right where he needs to be. She tried to get another picture of his face but he wouldn’t cooperate so I just have a side profile again. He has been so active lately that sometimes I think he is going to jump right out of my belly. But he seems to know that every time I go to let someone see him jumping or feel him move he stops. I think he’s going to be a little shy. So with everything going great I’m looking forward to next visit in 3 weeks where I have to do the yummy sugar drink glucose test. Woohoo! The below picture is a side profile of his face with his hand up on his head. He seems to like this pose for some reason….

I left as soon as I got out of the doctors office to head down to Cornersville for the weekend while Kevin was spending his weekend in Chicago watching the Cubs. Would have much rather been there than here in Tennessee with all the rain. Friday was absolutely beautiful as you probably know if you live here. Then Saturday the bottom fell out. Carla and I went to Spring Hill to Target to register for my baby shower. Got a lot of neat stuff on my list and I hope I get some of it.  I can’t wait to use it. While in Target the lights tried to go out and the waters were rising outside. We didn’t know it until we got back to Columbia but while on the road between Spring Hill and Columbia apparently we were underneath a tornado. Nice! Really cool because Carla was rebuking it and didn’t even know it because we were trying to talk and it was raining so hard that we couldn’t even hear each other talk without having to yell. Thank you Jesus for giving us the authority-even when we don’t realize what we are doing.

So rain all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Kevin’s plane was suppose to get in after lunch on Sunday. Not! They canceled the flight due to the water in Nashville, so I stayed another night in Cornersville. Was so ready to get home, thinking about everything I needed to be doing. But no way out for me especially with everything shutting down through Nashville. The creek in front of Mom and Dad’s became a river running down the road on Sunday afternoon and we began getting the storms in the south rather than Nashville and north. We missed most of the rain until Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday.  Finally Monday morning I worked my way to Nashville to pick Kevin up and head north. Not really too many problems along the way. Little bit of traffic coming through Nashville but only because people were slowing down to look at the Cumberland River. We did see a lot of water between here and there. Especially the Red River on I24. It was up to the bottom of the bridge when we crossed. Amazing site. Upon getting into Clarksville, traffic was horrendous as usual. People starting spreading rumors about the city turning the water off, which made for chaos with everyone buying water, so by the time I got there no water was left in Wal-Mart-which I wasn’t too worried about. We already knew it was just a rumor. Then we heard a rumor they were evacuating everyone in Clarksville. Not true.  How could they possibly evacuate over 130,000 people. Not happening. So anyway, we are still here in our lovely house we hope to move out of here soon, the water is still on the rise and we have seen pictures of down town Clarksville like we have never seen before. We aren’t risking going down to see it. You can’t even really get down town because they have most roads closed, plus there is a curfew from 8pm to 6am.  The Cumberland here is the highest it’s ever been and it’s really an amazing site to see. We now have a marina too by the way, without any work! Ha!  The below picture is Riverside Drive and Kraft Street. The big building you see (for my parents cause they love this store) is the mall where Harbor Freight is.

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2 Responses to 26 weeks and a flood of a weekend

  1. oceanpoet says:

    You are so cute! I am glad Kevin made it home. You have plenty of water… I am trying to figure out a way to send you a baggie of beach sand without the authorities mistaking it for drugs… Love you. – Shelly

    • rinerfamily says:

      Thank you Shelly. I feel cute. Yes, I would love some sand! I want to go to the beach so bad and just bask in the sun! I can feel it now!

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