Next chapter in our life…

Well, today began the next chapter in the life of the Riner’s. We began the serious look for a house today. We looked at 5, narrowed it down to 2 possibilities, with 2 more to look at. One of the 2 we decided on today is for certain but we aren’t doing anything until we look at the other 2 on our list. Please be praying that our mortgage company can work everything out to help us on the plus side of things and that everything works out for our betterment as far as money when it comes to closing costs and all those crazy legal costs that you have to deal with that they forget to tell you about. When it comes to that side of things it really stresses me out especially when we are paying a doctor bill and have a baby on the way all at the same time and trying to take off work at least 3 months without pay.  Sometimes I seem to focus more on the money going out than what is coming in. It stresses me out. So just pray all of that goes our way to help us and not hurt us so bad we have nothing left in the end.  God is our Jehovah Jireh and He has proven Himself more times than not so I have no doubts this time. So hopefully in the next month or so we will be hollering for helpers to pack and move and maybe paint a room or two if need be ( I know I’ll need help painting Levi’s room, but that’s the only room I’m really worried about painting at first).

On another note, Kevin finally got to feel Levi kick really good this morning while we were laying in bed. Levi was the first one awake and it was so cool for Kevin to be able to feel him kick for awhile.  To be able to share that feeling finally feels good. I was beginning to think Levi was not wanting to share.

So just continue to pray that God works everything out and we find that perfect house for our family.

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