Doctor update at 22 1/2 weeks

5 week check up today. Everything is looking great. I’m healthy, Levi is healthy, couldn’t ask for anything better. My weight is perfect. Total of 12 pounds so far. Based on his measurements from the ultrasound the computer wants to put us at a due date of August 8th, but Dr. Sawyer said she wanted to keep it at August 10. All in all he is going to come when he is ready. Based on his size she said his head was just slightly small for the measurements so she wants to do another ultrasound in 3 weeks just to followup on his growth. Just a recommended routine but assured me there was nothing to worry about. She also reassured me that babies usually take after their mom when it comes to their birth weight so I shouldn’t have anything to worry about with him taking after his daddy concerning being a big baby. That he will more than likely take after me. Thank you Jesus! Please let that be the case! She answered my questions concerning circumcision at birth or wait, as well as the vitamin K shot and others. I’m still not 100% in agreement but I understand her perspective so I’m going to continue to do my research and pray about it.  She did advise me that the doctors who work for Premier here do not see babies who haven’t gotten their shots and or their parents are against immunizations. So with that said, I’m in search of a pediatrician here that has similar views as I when it comes to not doing immunizations at an early age. That might be hard to find. So God please direct me and lead me to that doctor.  So in 3 weeks we go again. (Crap! That means paying them again!) Unfortunately Kevin will be in Chicago for a guys ballgame weekend (have fun and keep my man safe Jonathan, Jake and Tara)  so wonderful Heather will be going with me to see little Levi in action as well as meet Dr. Sawyer since she is going to be my mouth during delivery.  Thank you Heather! Kevin will just have to see pics on facebook and in text. 🙂 And guess that means no going to Florida for me that weekend like I had hoped. So maybe Carla will be here to help me register for baby showers. So we are blessed beyond belief!

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