22 weeks!

Today makes 22 weeks for us. It’s going by so fast.  Weighing in probably at about a pound and about 11 inches long is causing me to look as if I’ve swallowed a small watermelon that everyone is beginning to notice. Thought my scale at home says I’ve only gained about 12 pounds so I guess I’m still on tract pretty good.  We go to the doctor on Friday and will hopefully find out the correct measurements from the ultrasound and more exciting see if we are still on the due date of August 10. No weird cravings yet. Nothing out of the ordinary anyway. I get on kicks of gummy bears, jelly bellies, apples, grape juice, apple juice and today was watermelon. Yum! Actually wanted a salad for supper but unfortunately Papa Murphy’s was out of salad. Who in their right mind runs out of salad in the first of the week! Levi is more active every day. Only had one night the past week that he kept me awake wiggling and kicking so much. He doesn’t like to be squished when I bend or sit leaning over. He punches and kicks. Kevin sort of felt him kick the other night. It was really faint to him so it didn’t really mean much. But boy, did I feel it. It’s so exciting! So here is an updated belly pic. Took it myself so I had to be creative so I hope you can see it good. Maybe I’ll do some better ones next week with someone else controlling the camera.


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