Just wanted to post a pic of me and Kevin at our second murder mystery dinner. It was a birthday party for a wonderful friend from church and we had such a great time. Kevin was Mr. Tequila and I was Miss Ravioli. It was set back in the 1920’s with flappers and gangsters.  I was the murder in the end. Murder mystery dinners are so much fun and the best part that I love, you get to dress up like when you were a kid. I love it! And Kevin looked so handsome!

Levi is becoming so active. I feel him punching, kicking, and somersaulting most of the day now. I can’t wait till Kevin can feel him move. Every time I feel him move and lay my hand on my belly to hopefully feel it on the outside he stops. It’s like he knows my hand is there.  It’s an amazing feeling that I never could have imagined and would not have understood what it felt like had anyone ever explained it to me.  It’s a wonderful feeling that brings so much joy. He is mostly active about lunch and up until bed. Guess he is going to be like his momma and not be a morning person. haha. We are half way through this pregnancy and part of me wants to feel this movement forever but part of me can’t wait to hold my little boy and look him in the eyes.  It makes me so nervous thinking that in only about 5 more months how our life is going to change, yet I can’t wait. Friends are wanting to touch my belly all the time now and it’s so sweet.  I love it!

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