Meet the next little Riner!

It a B.O.Y!!!!!! Yelp, hello little Levi Graham Riner! Can’t wait to meet you. Room colors will be Chocolate and Blue. Just incase anyone wants to know.

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2 Responses to Meet the next little Riner!

  1. Aunt Ann says:

    Well now ain”t that something. A boy. Well that will mean next go around you will have to have a girl.Now that means Aunt Ann has 3 boys and 2 girls!!!! I wondered how you would spell Levi, now I know. I figured Levi from the Bible, but where does the Graham come in? It just might come on Uncle Mike’s birthday, Aug. 7th. Now wouldn’t that be something. Uncle Mike turns 60 this yr. I still have 4 yrs. before I get to the big 60. Carrie will you get to stay home with him? It sure would be nice.
    Love Aunt Ann

  2. rinerfamily says:

    Aunt Ann, We just liked Graham. Kevin chose the name. I’m gonna stay home the first 3 months for now and we will see how it goes financially then and decide what I’m gonna do. I like to work but I like to be home to so not sure yet. Might go back part time just depends on what it looks like and how work works with me. Still praying about it and letting the Lord lead. I knew you’d be excited!

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