13 weeks

We are 13 weeks pregnant today! Went for a check up this morning. Everything is looking good. Got to hear the heartbeat again. Lovely sound that is.  157 beats per minute sounds about like a washing machine.  Just a reminder that I’m actually carrying a little child inside me. Some days I wonder if this is a dream. If this is really happening finally. If it’s real. And then I hear that heartbeat and it’s a reminder that this is for real.  So this week our baby is making a fist and sucking its thumb. Its tooth sockets are loaded and ready to pop in 5-7 months. My prayer is that it has Kevin’s musical talent because this week its larynx and voice box are completed now and ready to be used.  Weighing in at about 20 grams and 3 inches long I’m sure it’s getting ready for some expansion inside this little hotel it’s in. I feel like I’ve gained weight but according to the scales at the doctors office I’ve barely gained a pound. I think their scale is wrong! So we will see what the next 5 weeks bring and then we schedule the ultrasound to see what we are having. I’m excited about that one! In the meantime, pray we find a house of our own soon. We are in the process of getting a loan and so far things look good. We just have to find that perfect house for us in the place God wants us to be as a family. May He guide our steps in this process so we can be a light in yet another neighborhood.

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