1st doctor’s visit today!

All I can say is wow! I was a little nervous about this first office visit today with all the test and all. But it went great and I stayed calm. Everything looked great and everyone is healthy. She did do an ultrasound (pics are below) and we got to hear the heartbeat. It’s amazing how something only 10 cm big can have a heartbeat already and be so loud. Amazing to me how something like that can be growing inside of me. With that said today made it more real. Every day I waited for someone to tell me this wasn’t happening. But today, it’s happening. Kevin and I are so excited, yet in awe that it’s happening and terrified that it really is happening.  We have a lot to do the next 9 months, like first priority is to find a house. So pray for us that God works that out fast and leads us to the right house.  So August 10 is still the due date, which puts us at only 8 weeks old today. Got a long way to go. Ha. Keep us in your prayers and I hope you can share the excitement with us as we travel this new journey God now has us on.

The beginning of an arm somewhere.

10 cm big

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