update on our church

Well, I’ve debated whether or not to post this but considering now that things are slowly looking up I thought I’d post it so everyone could be praying. I posted a few posts ago that our church was having some difficulties and that our pastor had stepped down due to sin in his life. I didn’t and still don’t want to go into details here. But we have gone about 6 weeks with no pastor. As of last weekend our oversight at GCI advised us to close the doors because there was no hope in finding a pastor for us. So we announced last Sunday our last Sunday would be December 13th. We had several, more than we ever thought, stand up to disagree and take the stand of keeping it going. We meet at my house on Wednesday night to be praying for a pastor for us before the next 4 weeks. There are more details than just this but God is good. Kevin and I had no clue over the past week what to do or where God is leading us. We really feel our time here in Clarksville isn’t over yet. He hasn’t released us from this town and really feel like He hasn’t released us from Xtreme even under the circumstances. So this weekend while we were gone home for Thanksgiving they announced that a member of the church would be stepping in as interim for the next few months. I really felt over the past few weeks he was the guy but is in the Army and possibly deploying in May. But is now hoping to go a different path which would keep him at home. It’s a young couple and bible school grads and they are so sweet and have a heart for the people. So things seem to be looking hopeful as far as keeping the doors open but of course we have just kicked satan in the mouth once again having someone step up to pastor so the attacks will continue and we are ready to fight and will continue to fight harder than what we have. Continue to pray for us, for strength, wisdom and unity most of all. Kevin and I never imagined going through any of this and though it’s been hard we are thankful because we would have never probably experienced something like this back home that would have grown us like we have. We continue to ask God why daily but deep down we know why. Again thanks for all your prayers and please keep in touch.

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