One year in Clarksville

Yesterday made one year that Kevin and I have been in Clarksville. It’s been a heck of year but we have been so blessed. I wanted to sort of recap the past year in a way to give praise to the God we serve because of all the blessings He has truly blessed us with and the struggles He has brought us through.

Moving up here was all a miracle from God. From selling of our house in two weeks before ever knowing He wanted us to move here to finding us both jobs and a house that had everything we needed to making the move in one day smooth sailing was wonderful. November 7th on arrival, we had a team here waiting to unload the U-Haul and were settled in before we could ever really breath. Granted I lost my job in January and for three months cried and prayed that God would bring us through. The daily reminder of  Matthew 6:25-34 was encouraging to say the least. For three months Kevin and I stood on the word of the Lord and on His promises of providing for us. And He did. Great friends dedicated an allotted amount of money God spoke to them to get us through every week (which was very hard to humble ourselves and take) and the sacrifices we made to make it through those three months were hard. But looking back now I would never change those three months because God gave me a job that I absolutely love and it’s where I am encouraged and believed in like I have never been before in my life. Where I have been given the opportunity to learn and grow in my own career to better myself as well as the practice I am a part of. In just two months time I have received my CTA and CXT certifications and in the spring will be training for one more. With that comes 3 new job descriptions that I’m exciting to be holding. Kevin has had the opportunity to expand his career with another certification in wood destroying organisms and another one on the way. All of this with our bosses dedicating time and money in us as employees is favor from the Lord I believe. Church has been growing and of course with any leadership comes struggles. We have been stretched in our faith like we never imagined possible. When we left Lewisburg we thought we were the liberals but now here in Clarksville we are more like the traditionalists. We have ministered to marriages on the verge of collapsing to people just growing in faith. Clarksville is a whole new world for us compared to the little town of Cornersville or Lewisburg with the military here and a whole new outlook on life with just about everyone we meet. With our pastor stepping down due to sin in his life we have been faced with more struggles than ever before. Some that we never knew we could possibly get through and question God daily why He brought us here.  But we know God has brought us here to serve Him through our sacrifices and we will continue the race He has set before us. We are looking forward to the next year to see what He has in store for us and are faithful of more blessings and favor in every step we take. And what a way to start another year off better than with Kevin preaching today at church. I’ll have the link up on here so you can listen to him as soon as he gets it put up on itunes. Love you all and we ask you continue to pray daily for us and do stay in touch. Familiar faces from home is always encouraging and does brighten days when it’s been rough.

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