Murder Mystery Dinner

Invite to the murder mystery dinner:

To my dearest friends, both living and dead,

It is with ghoulish pleasure that I announce my engagement to Lizzie Bordeaux, the mistress of the Motel California. I will be throwing a weekend bash for halloween at my castle, which will culminate in an engagement party with likes of which has never been seen in Transylvania. No doubt most of you already know each other, as we travel in the same circles and haunt the same crypts. I promise food, fun, and terror for all. I’ve even put in a special order for a dark and stormy night. So, cancel whatever other plans you might have because I will not take “no” for an answer. I guarantee it will be a night to die for!


Neville Aster Night


Me and Kevin’s character description to give you some sort of idea of the fun when you look at the pictures. (Click here to see the pictures.)

Kevin: Asthmadeus, The Prince of Dimness. The younger brother of the Prince of Darkness was never cut out for life in Heck. For one thing, his chronic respiratory condition simply can’t handle the heat, and secondly, he’s deathly afraid of the dark. In fact, he’s rumored to sleep with a nightlight in his cavern-hence he has been dubbed “The Prince of Dimness.” Of course, that’s not the only reason for the title. The junior prince has never been accused of being the brightest flame in purgatory-but what he lacks in brains, he makes up for in boyish good looks. Well versed in all forms of decadence, the Prince spends his life party-hopping the world in his silver Rolls Royce (his brother got the gold one). Often seen with his close friend and confident, Balihi, the two have been known to cruise the crypts for undead babes.

Carrie: Glumda, The Wicked Witch of DePressed. Glumda comes from the armpit of OZ, a place far from the glamour of the Emerald City. In her mountain-side village of DePressed, the scarecrows won’t dance, the lions won’t sing, and even the munchkins are in therapy. Always jealous of the other more prosperous enchantresses, the Witch spends much of her days casting spells of mischief to pass the time. She rarely leaves her remote fortress except to engage in her hobby of mile-high acrobatics on her broom. Feared and respected, Glumda is a statuesque woman with a piercing gaze, pale green complexion, and fingernails that could gut a grouper with a single thrust.

We had so much fun and hope you enjoy the pictures of our costumes.

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