My Granddaddy

Found out tonight that they moved my granddaddy over to Ms. Staggs’ house. She is the nurse that was helping them during the day while he was home. She has now opened her house as an assisted living for about 4 others. Granddaddy was one of the first I think. So hopefully he will settle in good for her as he is in good hands. It’s pretty close to the house from Grandmother so anytime she wants to go over there someone will be close to carry her over the hill. It’ll take her some getting use to being by herself. As she has never lived by herself before. So hopefully plenty of people will go by to keep her company or carry her some where a few times a week. We are going home the week before Thanksgiving for the weekend so I will get to spend some time over there. Which I sort of dread because I know she wants and needs me around more and that will be all I hear probably. But I know she understands. Plus it’s going to be hard seeing Granddaddy in a different state than I am use to.  So just pray for us and if you are reading this and you know my grandparents do me a favor and go by and see my Grandmother.

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