Kevin is preaching!!!!

Kevin is preaching this coming Sunday, November 8th,  if anyone wants to come up to support him (and visit us too. We could use some familiar faces from home). First service starts at 9, second service starts at 11. If you want to come up Saturday night let us know. We have a murder mystery dinner to go to at 5 so we might be able to work something out. Or just come up and hang with us all day on Sunday. Let us know but it would, again, be great to see some familiar faces. Especially some of those who haven’t been up here yet to visit our new home. Can you believe it’s been almost a year!?! One year on the November 7th!!!!

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One Response to Kevin is preaching!!!!

  1. Craig Patterson says:

    Give ’em what for Kevin! Actually congratulations and Tami and I will keep you both in our prayers for guidance and understanding of the Word as you preach.

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