Anyone there?

Well guys. Just a short update (maybe). We are celebrating Kevin’s birthday this weekend. Sorry I can’t tell you what we are doing because he doesn’t even know! But it’s going to be great! Maybe, just maybe, the best birthday since I threw him his 30th birthday surprise at the Mexican restaurant. I can’t wait! So we will NOT be answering our phones Friday evening or Saturday! So leave a message if it’s important. We will get back to ya.

For those of you praying, Granddaddy is home. He has lost some of his strength but home health was suppose to start today so hopefully they will begin to form the strength back that he has lost. Pray for my parents and my uncle and aunt. They take turns staying the night and it’s beginning to wear on them. Mentally he has improved but not physically. I feel bad because I wish I was there to help.

I go next Thursday to take my CTA test! I can’t wait to get this over with. Everyone at work has been quizzing me and I think I will do good. So next Thursday October 1st at 2:00 be praying for me. Please!?! Then I start that weekend for my CXT certification! Ready for that to be over with too. Just get it all behind me, right. But it’s all fun really especially when what I am study I actually get to do at work while studying it. That’s what makes it enjoyable and exciting and hands-on.

On a funny note. Our filing cabinet at work tried to eat me yesterday. I was filing away some files and had the top draw all the way out while stuffing a folder in the very back and the second drawer was just slightly open. I guess I put too much weight on the folder I was filing and standing on my toes too at that because it’s a 4 drawer filing cabinet and I’m too short to push folders down in there and over it went with my hand stuck inside and me in the front of it. It was sort of funny because everything on top of it came sliding down, the drawers all came tumbling out, I’m trying to pull my hand out without getting smashed under the thing when it hit the floor while our receptionist is hollering “just get out of the way. Let it go!”  I couldn’t! My hand was stuck! So luckily Dr. Longo, our superman at the office, came to my rescue, caught it before it hit the ground. By then I hand my hand out and had caught it with my other hand. So all in all I came out with a few bruises on my hand, wrist and top of the thigh where the drawer caught my leg and a right sore shoulder where I was holding it up off of me. Crazy huh! Workers comp? Nay, it was my fault but today we had a lot of laughs about it. I have been wondering when that was going to happen anyway and what do ya know it happened to me!

Anyway, that’s life’s update here in Clarksville for now.

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