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Hello there! Kevin said I needed to post something because no one has visited in like a week and my stats seem to have flat lined. haha! Not really much to talk about though. Life is crazy right now with everything. I don’t have much left in my CTA  course. My goal is to take the test by or before October 1st because I start CXT classes in Nashville the first weekend in October for 3 out of the 4 weekends in that month. So I’ll be out of pocket most of October. Kevin’s dad has been in the hospital this week. They life flighted him on Sunday to Vandy. We spent all afternoon and night in the ER and Kevin was there all day on Monday. The doctors are saying it’s an infection from a tick bite. As of today he hasn’t come home yet. Some issues have risen so we will be moving him to Tracy City with Robby maybe this weekend. Kevin and I were going to start looking for houses but with everything going on it just seems like God is making us wait. Our lease is up on October 31 and we don’t know yet if our landlord is going to work with us or not. I hope so because if we don’t find anything within the next few weeks hopefully he will let us rent on a month to month basis. Hopefully. We really don’t have time in October to look for anything since I’m going to be in class. So I don’t know what we are going to do. November is bringing some changes that I can’t discuss at the moment at the church. But lets just say it’s going to be crazy the next 2-3 months there. Then we have a conference in November as well in North Carolina and then you got the holidays and regular community outreaches during those holidays. So we are busy. So busy we can’t keep up with things and when we really don’t know what is going to happen with Kevin’s dad we aren’t sure what any day could bring. Right now we are just taking one day at a time and getting through it. Kevin also goes in October to take a test for another exterminating certification. Work is busy as usual. Changes going on there too. But I have to say my job is very rewarding and every day I walk out the door blessed. Every day it seems someone is helped and they are feeling better and beginning to get their life back. We had one patient come in for injections for the first time and as she laid down on the table for me to put her on electric muscle stimulation she told me she hadn’t felt that good in 29 years. 10 minutes later as I was taking her off she was praising the Lord and rejoicing to be pain free. After the doctor gave her an adjustment to her back and shoulder she began to cry. I asked her if she was ok and she said she had been in pain for 29 years and now she was doing a windmill with her shoulder and arm. She walked outside to gather herself, came back in still in tears telling us how much she was feeling better and was amazed she had no pain. We all began to cry with her because that is what our job is all about and when we see patients react like that it’s very rewarding. She was praising God and rejoicing like I’ve never seen a patient on the first visit. It was awesome! That’s why I love my job! Some days, sure, may suck but days like that reminds all of us there why we do what we do. When we can cry and rejoice with patients when they are in pain as well as when they become pain free it’s very rewarding especially when it’s been 29 years of pain.

So anyway hope you feel updated. Now I feel very overwhelmed just typing all of this out. I need to go study but just not in the mood. We miss you all and hope some of you get to come see us soon even though we do have a lot going on we will make time for loved ones.

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