Land Between the Lakes

Here are some pics from this weekend. For those of you who aren’t on Facebook click on the highlighted word “pics” and it will take you straight to my Facebook page. I’ll have the ones I took up soon. Have to get the film developed.

It rained on us a little while we were there but all in all it was a nice restful weekend. Not really much to do at LBL except see the Homeplace, watch the rivers pass by and visit Ft. Donelson. Talking with wonderful friends over the open fire is always a plus. Ft. Donelson was very interesting. We got to watch the firing squad practice a little and talk with some of the campers there. The Homeplace was very nice. Brought back a lot of memories when it came to growing tobacco. They were getting it ready to smoke 100 stalks. Other than that we really didn’t do anything, which was pleasant not having a phone or computer near by for 4 days. Our friend Kevin cooked a wonderful supper and breakfast for us. Friday night we had steak, fried potatoes, beans, beer and chocolate chip cookies. Breakfast we had fried bologna (me and Kevin’s specialty) sandwiches and coffee. The next night we had hotdogs (northern style), beans and fried potatoes. Sunday morning breakfast we had bacon, hashbrowns, eggs, and coffee. Yummy! Sunday night and Monday Kevin and I were on our own and didn’t eat as well as when Kevin and Sarita were there cooking. But we lived none the less. It’s good to be home in my own shower and bed though! Not much on community shower and bathroom facilities.

Had a good time and I’ll have those other pics up soon.

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