Finally getting away

Kevin and I spent our 7th Anniversary working all day. lol! When I got home he took me to Subway to get a picnic lunch and then down to River Front Park to picnic next to the river and watch the sun go down. Though the sun was already setting by the time we got there, it was still romantic. Then we went to the hospital to visit with our pastor and his wife who had their 4th baby early that morning. So all in all it was really nice.

Tomorrow we leave for Land Between the Lakes to camp for 4 days with some friends. We are ready to get away and have some fun and get some rest not worrying about anything going on here. We’ve never camped 4 days so this should be very interesting to say the least. But it will be fun. I’m excited to see LBL. Always wanted to go but never got to so I can’t wait.

Couple of prayer requests: Granddaddy was suppose to come home this week. I haven’t talked to them as to how he is doing. They took him home over the weekend to visit and eat dinner. He did good. It’s just going to take time but I think they will do good.  Also be praying for marriages in our church. One by one they are being attacked so just pray for unity and love and for us to beable to minister to them and protection over ours as well. Military life is the hardest on marriages. This is really hard when they are part of your ministry and then have to step down. Puts a strain on everyone else, especially the leader of the ministry.

Thanks all for your prayers and may you have a blessed restful Labor Day weekend. Stay safe.

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One Response to Finally getting away

  1. Kevin says:

    I’ll see you in the tent!!!!!!!!!!!!

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