update on Granddaddy

After the weekend at home and spending time with family I wasn’t really encouraged with the progress of my Granddaddy. It was hard him not knowing who I was on Saturday and then knowing me on Sunday and asking me about Kevin then 15 minutes later not knowing I was ever there.  But he went back to Nashville today to get an updated CT scan and see the doctor there. He was very encouraging and Granddaddy did well once he woke up. He walked with the walker well and the doctor was very impressed with the improvements he has made the past month. He said the bleeder was a lot smaller and there is only one spot there they are concerned about. He said it could take 6 months to a year maybe even 5 years to totally be gone. He also encouraged them that taking him home would help his memory come back better than anything. So his words were very encouraging and hopeful whic was very good to hear for all of us. So hopeful they can get him out of the nursing home a few days a week to go riding around and maybe visit the cows at the farm and see what happens in hopes to get him home soon in a few weeks. They are working out fixing the insurance. Come to find out there was some miss communication so just keep praying every thing works out in that area soon. And keep praying he can come home soon with little to know help except maybe at night. Grandmother is holding up better than I ever thought but her blood pressure is still up as well as her blood sugar because she worries too much. So just pray for peace for her so she can get those things regulated and get off the extra blood pressure pill and nerve pills. Thanks for your prayers. They have been felt and will continue to be felt.

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