Today’s update

Just wanted update those of you who aren’t on Facebook. Granddaddy went to Oakwood in Lewisburg today. Room 25B if anyone wants to go see him and visit with Grandmamma. She will be there daily sitting with him and hopefully helping to get his memory back of everyone and everything. He recognized my mom for the first time today since Friday. That’s a major praise! Unfortunatley, he still doesn’t know my Grandmother. He is calling her everything from Annie Ruth to Peggy.  Hope and praying he won’t be there very long. Our prayer is that the rehab and food will soon get his strength built back up to where he can walk on his own and well as go to the bathroom on his own. He was sick at his stomach today but the doctor said that is common with this head injury. So there have been several improvements the doctor is just saying that it is going to take some time for this memory to get back to normal if it does at all. His CT scan today said there was no change that it’s just going to take awhile for his body to absorb that bleeder. I spoke with Grandmomma tonight-tomorrow is her birthday-and she was in high spirits and talking of the best which is encouraging for me considering she ususally speaks of the negative. So keep praying-we are feeling and seeing them.

I started my CTA studies last night and wow! This is going to take some time. Lots of reading but luckily the videos I watch with the book helps a lot and then going to work and studying with the doctors there helps reinforce what I’m learning especially when I don’t understand something.

So, thanks for the prayers and if you are in Lewisburg go by and see my Grandmother and Granddaddy. She will be sitting with him daily and would probably love some visitors.

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