Please pray

This has been an interesting weekend. My granddad fell at the barn on Thursday. They took him to the ER in Columbia Thursday evening who then rushed him to St.Thomas with a fractured skull, a bleeder in the front lobe and pneumonia. Kevin and I went up yesterday to sit with him most of the day and boy did we have an interesting day. The nurses asked for someone to come sit with him around the clock because he was trying to get out of bed and walk and was in no condition to walk on his own. So we went up to hang out until Uncle Larry could get there that evening. Between Granddaddy taking off his oxygen and the socks around his legs and proceeding to get out of bed and demand I help him because he wanted to either go to the potty or just walk. He is sore all over from the fall and hitting the concrete in the barn that it hurts to move. But we walked the room about 3 times and sat in the chair for about 30 minutes. He has bruises all over him front and back and doesn’t remember what happened.  He is so stubborn and thinking of things that happened 30-40+ years ago, but yet recalling things from a few days ago. The pieces seemed to not come together totally. He can’t really see or hear so he doesn’t really know who is in the room. He thought I was momma once and grandmomma another time. He thinks he is at home and demands us to find his britches he left laying on the table. Which is humerous to a point.

I went back down today to spend the afternoon and part of the evening so mom and dad could get some supper before hanging out the rest of the night and in the morning and he seemed better to me. He is at least remembering his nurses today where yesterday he wasn’t. He knew who I was but thought Chris was still in the room. He is still remembering off the wall stuff and thinking the air conditioner is a fence row that needs to be cleared out. We don’t really know why they are keeping him because they aren’t really doing anything and what they are we could do at home. And we think he would improve faster if he was in his own surroundings that he is used to. He still isn’t eating much but he did eat more supper tonight than he did all day yesterday. He needs to drink more fluids and keep his oxygen on and then I think his body might repair itself faster.

It’s really weird and hard seeing him like this. I wanted to spend this weekend there because it is close and who knows when I might see him again. He’s a tough rough neck farmer that can endure anything but I’m concerned this time. He promised us 5 more years so we could really have a 100th birthday party so just hopefully we will make it. Some of the things he says is so funny that we about kill over laughing so hard and he will never believe us when he pulls through this and we tell him all the crazy things he said and talked about.

Just keep him and our family in your prayers daily and pray they can make the right decision as to what to do when he does come home. Also pray for my grandmother, she isn’t used to being by herself and when he comes home she is going to have her hands full as well as be worried and not sleep much. She is doing good right now staying by herself but she realized about seeing him today that she wasn’t going to be able to stay at the hospital with him. I know this is harder on her than any of us. After having him at home for 73 years I know it’s hard. So just pray for all of us.

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