Prayer Requests

Found out today that I have to go get certified as a tech assistant for work. Since we are an intergrated office and are doing something different compared to other chiropractic officees we are more likely to be audited and things of the like so we have to have our guns in order and make sure we have all the bases covered with everything. Which means I have to be certified. So in September, unfortunately the same weekend me and Kevin had decided to go to St. Louis for a short vacation to catch some Cardinals games, I will be heading down to the Boro to get certified (3 day class).  So keep me in your prayers. Hopefully it won’t be to stressful. I already know a lot so hopefully it won’t be too much studying if any. Plus it’s something I’ve been wanting to do anyway.

Also, keep our church in your prayers. We got some things that are changing. I really don’t want to go into any details right now just that it involves a possible new building. So just pray for guidance, wisdom and grace with the leadership during this time and understanding with the congregation.

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