Father’s Day

What a great weekend. I went home for my Granddaddy’s 95th birthday party and to celebrate Father’s Day with my Daddy. Granddaddy’s family doctor who just happens to be a neighbor hosted the party in his barn. They were a blessing to do this for him. We had a wonderful time at the birthday party seeing family and friends. Granddaddy had a wonderful time and will be talking about this for months. He said he can’t wait for his 100th birthday party and if we thought this one was something wait on that one. He will be in the Giles County newspaper in a few weeks and when he found out we were having it put in the paper he said “It took me 95 years to make it into the paper.” Wow! It was an honor seeing him so happy and talking to everyone and it was an honor being there to see it. It’s not every day you get to celebrate with someone 95 years!


Father’s Day was the best Father’s Day ever. Me and my Daddy spent the day just us. Unfortunatley my mom had to work all day and I know she would have rather been with us. We spent the morning changing the oil in my car and rotating my tires…sorry I made you work for it! 🙂 Then we ate lunch and worked on the computer most of the afternoon. I taught him how to use microsoft office to hopefully get the cemetary plotted a little better. It was a lot of fun and the best Father’s Day yet!

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