Did you smell that?

I was sitting in our yard the other day and suddenly smelled honey suckle. We have a bunch of them growing on our fence in the back. I recalled a memory I haven’t recalled in years. The smell of the honey suckles in the fence row that was between where my brother lives now and where my grannie and papa lived at that time. We would walk down the road from my parent’s house to my grannie’s house in the summer time after supper every night and the smell of those honey suckle….can you smell them now?! That fencerow is no longer there. My brother bulldozed it down when he bought the land. I had totally forgotten about that until the other day when I was in the backyard and smelled those honeysuckle.  It took me back as if I was right there all over again. What a memory! I miss those days for sure.

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