Work update

I ask you to pray for me about what I’m fixing to tell you. Tomorrow is one of our techs last day before leaving for basic training. So starting on Monday I’m on the floor full time working with patients and no longer doing marketing research scheduling lectures for Dr. Batson. Which is good. I’d rather be on the floor with patients rather than on the phone for several hours. So Dr. Batson will be taking over scheduling her own lectures and I will be working the floor as well as working our Friends Helping Friends program which is just patient referrals. This is where I need prayer. I will be getting commission on everyone who I get refer a freind with this program. Based on numbers I could possible make up to $15 a hour with my base pay of $8 added in. This is what scares me. I want to be successful but I don’t want someone looking over my shoulder either if I have times that I don’t do well. It’s really all a numbers game. The more people you talk to the more people you get referred. So just pray that God show me favor in this and help this program be successful. Most of our patients are patient referrals and that’s usually the case in every chiropractic office. Just pray that I can choose my people I talk to wisely and get them excited about their progress to be able to talk to their friends and family. I’m excited about this because I’ll be doing what I love to do but then again it scares me because I need that money and my pay will be mostly based on the work I do. Just pray for an overflow of patient referrals every week.

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One Response to Work update

  1. Craig Patterson says:

    Good for you Carrie! Go get ’em and I know you will, it is good for you to let the Lord lead you our of your comfort zone, realize that He has made this opportunity availble therefore He will equip you to do it and do it well. I know that the extra money would be great but also remember that you are doing this as unto the Lord, the money will then take care of itself let your motivation come from God, it will come through to the patients an they will sense that there is something different about the care they have received and that is what makes them become your best advertisement. God bless and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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