Making a difference every day

Well, this has been an awesome week. Several things happened at work that I really wanted to share with you guys.

1) I have a patient at work that has been coming in this week, only about 3-4 visits so far and is already seeing a lot of improvements. The wonderful thing is, he is paralyzed from the waist down and is seeing results from the care we are giving him. I had a hard time at first dealing with the wheelchair and getting him on the neck decompression table because he mostly does it all by himself since the table is low, picking up one leg at a time to put it up on the table. But he is so humble and has such a positive outlook about things, even cracking jokes about it. I’m slowly learning ways to help and encourage him and make him laugh too. I think the best thing is that he is seeing results and it’s awesome being a part of that. To know that because of the things we do a man isn’t seeing black spots anymore and to know that he is sleeping all night without pain. My prayer is that God heal him even more than he has seen and that he walks again!

2) We had one guy come into the office with back pain. He had been to several doctors and they couldn’t find what was wrong with him. We took some x-rays and saved the man’s life. He had (and I hope I get this right) but he had an enlarged aorta that was about to burst. We saved his life.

3) We have one lady that has been coming in a little over a month. She was on the verge of back surgery when she started coming in. When that problem improved, she had neck surgery scheduled but instead decided to let us work on her neck too. Now she has her life back, pain free almost with no surgery and is on our weight loss/detox program and looking good.

4) I guess I’m making my place at work now that I’m full time this week. Dr. Longo gave me 2 pennies yesterday (being funny yet serious in his words) for working so hard. I told him his words of encouragement at that time were worth more than those 2 pennies. He joked about if that is all I need he won’t write my next check. haha! Plus they complemented me today for making the transition smooth and being persistent and hanging in there this week being able to do both jobs I am doing very well.

5) Also today, Dr. Batson informed me that she said she stole my saying “grace moment.” A “grace moment” are those moments that you have to give grace to somone who deserves to be chewed out and told off because of what they have said or done to make you mad. I had one last week and I told her about it. She told me today about the other day she had a “grace moment” with her boyfriend and proceeded to explain to him what it was. She told me that she explained it as being one of those moments of getting mad at someone and instead of acting like a creep like them giving them grace and giving it all over to God. When she told me that I teared up because everything she said I wondered how she got all of that out of my one little “grace moment” I told her I had at work that day. Awesome!

So I just ask that you keep praying. I’m still trying to figure out my schedule when it comes to doing marketing stuff and all the other things I got to do. To get things organized my way so I can be focused in my own way and not someone elses. Still trying to get use to what I’m suppose to be doing and what is expected of me because I have stuff that I have to enter into a spread sheet to keep track of as well as research online for marketing contacts but they don’t like me on the computer much so it’s hard trying to figure out the most important things yet not get behind on everything else computer wise.  If that makes sense.

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