Coming home….

Well, we are leaving this after to head back to Lewisburg/Cornersville. Kevin has to lead worship on Sunday at Lifesong and since we are in this weekend we are going to try to celebrate Mother’s day with our mothers and hopefully see my grandmother and grannie too. As soon as he gets home here hopefully shortly and finishes packing and we pick up the truck we are borrowing to bring the lawnmower home and then pick up my paycheck and go to the bank we will be hitting the interstate. He has practice tonight with the band at 8. We will be staying with Don and Becky Blackall this weekend. We try to stay with someone different each time we go home so we can catch up with everyone. So tomorrow will be mostly free, so we will go see Vickie and Kevin’s grandmother and then maybe my grandparents if time permits. Then Joe Joe’s ballgame at 5 (unless it is rained out) then off to Cracker Barrel to take my mom out to eat. Sunday is church most of the day and then if we haven’t seen my grandparents yet we will go see them shortly and pick up our lawnmower from Ken and Wanda’s house to head back to C-ville. What a busy weekend. We will have to have a vacation to come home just to rest. Hope no ones is disappointed if we don’t get to see you. We try. Love you all still though no matter what. And know you are welcome to come up and see us anytime.

Work was great this week. Thursday and Friday we were so busy. Training the first few days I was having brain overloads I think. So come Monday I’m up and at ’em at my new job. Pray for patience and knowledge and being able to remember everything and have the confidence to do it to the best of my ability.

Just a funny: I had two calls this week from previous places that I submitted my resume while I was looking for work. One was the place I worked with that fired me (why would I want to go back there?!) and the other was right down the road. I told them at work that I was turning them all down because I love it Longo Chiropractic and I love everyone there. We have so much fun there and I’m really looking forward to being there full time now. Yet some days I still have that fear of going in and being let go because the last time that happened it was so unexpected. But it’s all in God’s hands and He knows I love it here where I am now.

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