Prayer Request-Kenya

We have the opportunity in December/January time frame to go to Kenya. There is a church there that wants to partner with us and take our name. So it will be like a church plant in Kenya but the church is already in progress. The pastor and his team is coming up late summer to meet us and get to know everyone (to make sure that they aren’t out to get our money in a way, I guess) and then after that meeting we will decide when and who will be going to Kenya to visit their facilities and do some ministering.  If I go I will be teaching on pray, of course, and if Kevin goes he will probably be doing some worship. Who would’ve guessed!?  I’m excited about this but also a little fearfull because Kenya is not the faith friendliest country in the world but we will be with men who were previously army and mixed martial arts so we will feel pretty pretected but you never know. And it’s all for the Kingdom right?!? So anyway just be praying about this opprotunity with us. We are already forming the team of who is going in order to begin the process for passports and international processes to travel. We will know more as the months come to pass and the pastor gets here as well. I’ll keep you posted.

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