Slight change

Well, I start work full time tomorrow!!!!! A week earlier. I start training during the hours that I normally wouldn’t be working. My new title is Marketing Director/Tech Assistant. This sort of scares me for I’ll be responsible for a lot of  “numbers” as far as new patients are concerned. I’ll find out this week during training what all this is going to entail but Dr. Longo and I both will be working on that sort of stuff so maybe it won’t be too bad. The lady that actually was the reason why I got this job is taking a job in Nashville closer to her home and I’ll be replacing her plus doing what I am doing now. I’m excited to know that he has confidence that I can do this job, plus I got a pay raise.  I think this is going to be fun and exciting and since it is so new to me I’m going to do all I can to be successful in it and make everyone there proud.

Not only this I’m working on Administration stuff at church. Mostly entering stuff into our computer for members and visitors and helping the other girl working with me contact visitors. This is fun but now that I start full time at work I’ll probably be there late on Wednesday nights while Kevin is practicing with the band and possible Saturdays when I can.

We went to the Clarksville Fox Football game last night. Kevin had to run the p.a. and I had to walk around with Trixy (the mascot) to make sure she didn’t fall or trip over any kids). That was fun. Kids just love Trixy!

Here’s a link to Kevin’s blog. See what he is up too since he hasn’t gotten on here yet to post anything.

We will see some of you this coming weekend!!

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One Response to Slight change

  1. Kim says:

    Praise God! Something to keep in mind. We live in this world, but we are not of this world. If God brings you to it, He will equip you and He is in it to WIN it. It is not people that we seek to please and to be proud of us, but God. Look up, Praise Him, and you will be all right. Do not ever doubt yourself, because it is not your will power or smarts, but it is by God’s anointing and favor that you will succeed and be amazed at how quickly you learn and adapt. Be Pretty inside and out.
    Love, Kim

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