What a weekend…

Well, I feel very accomplished this weekend. I did everything I had planned to do. Got to see family for a little while, which was very refreshing. Had I known the plans were to plant a garden on Blue Creek I would have come prepared to dig in the dirt, which I love plantin’ some tators! Joe’s baseball game got me excited for more warmer weather and more baseball! Gonna miss going to the park every weekend. Jodi and Jonathan invited friends over Saturday night to grill hamburgers and it was nice hanging out with everyone. I needed that! Good times. Good times. Church was wonderful this morning. Thanks Pastor Richard for convicting me of some things. Missed seeing some friends there since they didn’t come for some reason. 😦 Carla’s baby shower was a wonderful turn out and seeing family at church was refreshing too. Had some good conversations that was very encouraging and edifying. God knew exactly what I needed this weekend. Plus He answered my prayer. I was concerned about driving back to Clarksville late and in the storms and He was gracious enough to see fit to hold the storms off until I got home. The sun came out here and there on the way north and made for a pleasant drive back since I was already so exhausted. I looked at the radar when I got home and there was just enough of a gap between the first cell of rain this morning to the one this evening for me to get in before it started raining again. God had me leave at the right time. He knows I hate driving in the rain and in the dark.

We will be back home the first weekend in May, just two weeks away. Hopefully it won’t be as busy as we feel like it’s going to be. We will either come in Friday night or early Saturday morning. I’m hoping for Friday night. Will probably stay with friends from church again because we will be in Lewisburg most of the weekend since Kevin will be preparing for worship service and can be close to the church.  Hopefully we will get to go ahead and have Mother’s day while we are in town and not feel rushed and catch one more ballgame hopefully. Not to mention we have to get our lawnmower while we are there!!

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