Easter Weekend

After having a day of home sickness because of Easter weekend I was relieved when a friend from church invited us over to eat after church. It was very good, very yummy and we stayed over there all afternoon talking and getting to know them. Unfortunatley they might be moving back to Texas soon. We are praying they don’t because we have grown so close to them. They have a son who reminds us a lot of Joseph so that makes it fun hanging out with them.

Friday night Kevin played at the Blue Note in a worship round they are going to start doing once a month. It was an awesome time and they all did so good coming together and singing and playing. Four different worship leaders from various churches here in Clarkville and then a drummer came in a little later. It was great. I forgot to take the camera to get at least one song for you but I totally forgot it so I’ll have to get it next month.

Saturday we were hiding Easter eggs with the Clarksville Fox Women’s Semi Pro Football team. We were up at 5:30am to be at the football field at 6:30am to pray and set up everything. Gates opened at 9 and the hunt was on at 10. We hide I think over 10,000 eggs plus candy. I think we had about 600 kids there this year. The numbers we lower compared to last year, probably because the city had their easter egg hunt at the same time. There we so many kids there and everything went smooth and no tempers rised. It was so much fun! We had the rest of the day to rest and do what we needed to do around here though we didn’t do much because we were so tired. Kevin was playing around with Trixy-the mascot. That’s him with Trixy’s head on his. It was hilarious! He was up there dancing with it on.

I’ll be home this weekend for Carla’s baby shower. Kevin can’t come…sorry. So see you guys soon!100_3418 100_3444


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