Let’s play catch up

Today was such a b.e.a.u.tiful day! So after I got off work at noon I came home, ate my favorite bologne and crackers and took Maverick to Dunbar Cave Park. A friend and her little girl tagged along while she had her oil changed in her car. The weather was absolutely beautiful. Though I’ve been dealing with sinus crap like never before I was still enjoying being outside and watching the pollen blow in the air. Wonderful! I meant to take the camera with me because there are tons of turtles that sit on the logs on the lake. And they are so cute. They pile up on one another to sun. And today there were geese there and they all were sitting on the logs together. I’ll try to remember to take the camera next time.  Hopefully Kevin and I will get to tour the cave soon. They only have tours on the weekends through May because of the bats that reside in the cave.

I had a home sickness moment this morning at work because I realized that Sunday is Easter and we always have Easter dinner somewhere and this year we aren’t. Someone told me this is my opportunity to cook my own but by the time we get home after church after 2 p.m. I will be starving and will be too tired to cook. Maybe someone will invite us over knowing we have no family here to visit. 🙂 But if not maybe we will just hit Olive Garden or something. Hate to make someone else slave over me on a holiday! 😦 This Easter is so different that is doesn’t really feel like it usually does. Normally we have a cantata or play and sunrise service, brunch, footwashing and are busy all weekend preparing for something and then we go eat at families and this year it’s none of that. It’s nice not having all the traditional religious activities (please don’t leave argumentative comments about this) that we don’t have a clue why we have always done it that way so we always do it that way but it’s hard to get use to sometimes.

Saturday we have the Easter Outreach with the Clarksville Fox Football Team. I’ll post pictures and write all about that this weekend. We have to be there at 6:30 a.m to pray the perimeters of the football field and then have corporate prayer with everyone hiding eggs. We are expecting 2,000 kids this year and I’m excited to see this. They said they have so many eggs that you literally can’t see the grass on the feild. I can’t wait.

I’ve been hosting prayer at our house once a week the past few weeks to pray over our outreach events coming up this month one being the Easter Outreach and the other being River and Spires next weekend.  We had a wonderful time yesterday praying. I had 4 ladies here plus myself praying over the events, our leaders, and our church and it was wonderful. I can see God rising up intercessors and prayer warriors and it’s awesome being a part of it and watching them grow. Unfortunately I won’t be here for River and Spires because I’m going home for Carla’s baby shower. I might stay long enough to see what Friday night is all about and help the church out that day but I’ll miss Saturday. We are doing a prayer outreach that weekend during River and Spires (they are expecting 85,000 people) and will be handing out prayer surveys asking people for prayer requests, praying for them and then contacting them in a few weeks to see what the Lord has done. At least I think that is the plan.

We had Jews for Jesus visit our church Tuesday night and carry us through the events of Passover. It was very informative and did you know that the way we do communion is only a fourth of the Passover event. We  leave out so much of what it truely means “do this in rememberance of me.” It was very interesting and by the end of it Passover and Communion make so much for sense to us.

Just a short praise….I am suppose to start full time at work in June if not before!! God is good! Though I have enjoyed my time off and the part time work. But money will be a lot easier on us when I do go full time and hopefully  we can enjoy life without stressing out about it.

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