What’s happening?!

Things are going great I think, better than they were, looking up now anyway. Work is wonderful. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:30 to Noon. Tuesday and Thursday 2:00 to 5:30. This Friday I get to work all day! My feet are already killing me just thinking about it and Friday isn’t even here. But I’m loving it still and hopefully proving myself to be a hard, committed, dedicated worker who they can depend on.  I love all the patients and one of them knows our home town and use to live close to the area and knows some of the people we know. That’s so cool! Kevin is staying busy. He has made a lot of connections here in town. People calling him and asking him to play here and there. He’s been playing at Celebrate Recovery and they asked if they could put him on the schedule every few months to lead worship there. He goes every other Friday night to Worship Circle where many worship leaders come together to just play and pray together at a church here in town. Good Friday he will be playing at the Blue Note for worship leaders night there and will be interviewed by the newspaper who is doing an article on the monthly event. That will be cool! And there’s many more things he has on the calendar that I can’t even keep up with. Worship at church is rockin’ and exciting even though finding committed, talented musicians is a stretch for him but it’s happening none the less. Just found out yesterday that he is proving himself as a hard worker at Ortex and will be getting a raise next month. The employees and boss there are so wonderful and understanding. They really are personalable and care about our life which makes us feel excepted and needed and not just that Kevin in another employee filling their pockets with money and getting nothing in return. They actually make him feel like someone.  The next few weeks are pretty busy for us with different things coming up that I will be posting about when it comes. Don’t want to spoil the excitement!!

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